We stand behind the quality of our decals but this ain't no book club, most sales are custom and final. We will sell you purple metallic pirate skins but we aren't going to send you a return label when the boys down at the wash give you some ribbing....***Metallic finish out of stock for most items, firing all glitter at Putin till further notice***

Unibilt Skins now more clear!

Posted by Joe Hawkins on

To be clear Peterbilt Emblems and Unibilt Emblems are NOT the same size.

We have added a Unibilt Emblem Size as an option to all our Peterbilt Emblem designs. So if you see a design you like but want it for your Unibilt Emblems instead just change the option in the drop down menu.

Send us a message or email with any problems or special requests for custom designs.


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