We stand behind the quality of our decals but this ain't no book club. Stripes/skins are printed/cut to order custom jobs and sales are final.

Install Tips

DO NOT INSTALL PRINTED GRAPHICS WET - Other than Stoneguard, all our graphics have a repositionable Air-Release adhesive that allows smooth easy install without water and are not meant to be installed wet (Works well on boats if installed clean and dry above the waterline). The material should be very user friendly if installed in a warm dry place on smooth clean painted cured material (Fresh paint should be given a few days to a week to gas off and cure before graphics install to avoid damaging soft paint or trapping escaping gases under the vinyl. If stretched the material can be heated back to original shape.

To install larger graphics or striping you need:

  • Masking Tape - 1"/24mm or wider
  • Measuring Tape - decimals or fractions, whatever floats yer boat.
  • Knife - small sharp utility knife
  • Squeegee - Gold 3M Nylon
  • Soft Towel/Rag - must be able to absorb moisture.
  • Glass Cleaner - to clean any dust or water based dirtage before install.
  • Varsol or Thinners - to clean around rivets or for oil based dirtage before install.

Add a CoolDesign.Ninja Graphics Install Kit you your order