We stand behind the quality of our decals but this ain't no book club, most sales are custom and final. We will sell you purple metallic pirate skins but we aren't going to send you a return label when the boys down at the wash give you some ribbing....***Metallic finish out of stock for most items, firing all glitter at Putin till further notice***

Custom Stripe Layouts and Color Matching Charts

Note: We color customize Emblem Skins for FREE!  If you send us a good picture of your truck we can use that picture to customize the color of your skins and send you a link to a digital layout of your skins... Will the printed skin be exactly the same as your paint on your truck? ...no probably not but 95% of the time we are close enough to look pretty snazzy...

...BUT if you...

  • are building or painting a truck
  • have some lead time on your hands
  • have extra money to assuage your OCD
  • just really, really want to see the color first

You need one of our "Executive Color Matching" services...which just means if you send us a little bit of cash and a few pics we will print and send your own Custom Color Chart or even a color Stripe Print.

1- Custom Color Chart - We start with a picture of your existing paint or color you are shooting for and print a bunch of options with a range of colors in between and send you a snazzy color chart. We will keep a matching chart so everyone is on the same page.

2- Custom Stripe and Color Chart Package - We can also print/send a Full Color Print of you stripe layout with the Color Chart. For this one we take a pic of your truck and do our best approximation of the stripe/lettering you are after on your truck pic and send you a Full Color Stripe Layout Print to see what it will look like and a color chart to match against existing paint.

Once you get your custom package you can take a look, hold it against the truck, get the wife/hubby and the vagrants hanging around dispatch to look at it. Once decided let us know what color you are looking for and we will send a custom link to color matched skins or stripes of your choice with a discount code.

Regular price $20.00 CAD