Custom Color Matching Sample Sheet

Cool Design Ninja

Note: We color customize Emblem Skins for FREE!  If you send us a good picture of your truck we can use that picture to customize the color of your skins and send you a link to a digital layout of your skins... Will the printed skin be exactly the same as your paint on your truck? probably not but 95% of the time we are close enough to look pretty snazzy...

...BUT if you...

  • are building or painting a truck
  • have some lead time on your hands
  • have extra money to assuage your OCD
  • just really, really want to see the color first

You need our "Executive Color Matching" service...which just means if you send us a little bit of cash and a few pics we will print and send you a Custom Color Matching Sample Sheet with several color samples to choose from. When you receive the Custom Color Matching Sample Sheet take it out to your truck and see which sample best matches your truck. Email us back with your color choice and we will send you a custom link to color matched skins of your choice with a discount code.

Also available with "I forgot to do shit on time shipping" with a little extra Stank on it.

Regular price $20.00 CAD