Sorry for any delays. We are very busy at the moment and trying to work through our backlog of email/design requests as fast as possible. -- We stand behind the quality of our decals but this ain't no book club. Stripes/skins are printed/cut to order custom jobs and sales are final.

Custom Stripe Design Package

Don't know what you want? Have too many ideas? Let us design your perfect custom stripe package.

How it works...

1. Tell us the important details about the project - truck model, paint color, existing logo lettering striping colors.

2. Send us pics of your truck, logo/lettering and any reference pictures of things you want to incorporate.

3. Tell us your hopes, ideas and dreams for the graphics - Let us know colors you like, styles you like, other trucks you like, preferred price or anything you think we need to know to design the stripe you always wanted.

4. We take the info you provide and go back to our lair to devise wild and/or crazy stripes/lettering...its a long and complicated process but when the drugs wear off we send you the best three drawings we can find in the rubble.

4. You tell us what you like or don't like about the layouts.

We go back to the drawing board and make changes/revisions and then send you a revised set of layouts. We keep making changes until:
  • You have a sick custom stripe design for your rig.
  • We get up to around 5-6 hours of design time and you are still humming and hawwing and can't make up your damn mind.

Once finished, we send you the finished digital print/cut file and our price to produce the finished decal package. We can produce and ship your stripe package in 3-5 days or you can take the finished design file your local graphics shop for pricing.

Regular price $199.99 CAD