We stand behind the quality of our decals but this ain't no book club, most sales are custom and final. We will sell you purple metallic pirate skins but we aren't going to send you a return label when the boys down at the wash give you some ribbing....***Metallic finish out of stock for most items, firing all glitter at Putin till further notice***

Daycab Irish Cream Seminole Kenworth Stripe Kit

Printed in one layer on premium quality 3M Scotchcal 180C vinyl then solid laminated for a 7+ year road life. Now with Comply Air-Release Technology for easier installation and clean removal.

Kits available for KW W900 Daycab with either the weird bulged Extended Daycab or an old school flatback conversion depending on kit....Extended Daycab kit stripes are cut up to stay on the flat as they wrap around the upper bulge section on the rear. The Old School Flatback Kit has full rear stripes but would be a horrorshow to install on a bulge back.

Don't have a KW?...contact us to get this stripe made for your truck!

Questions?...not sure? Email us questions or pictures of your truck to see `will your truck look fat in this stripe?`

Regular price $700.00 CAD