We stand behind the quality of our decals but this ain't no book club. Stripes/skins are printed/cut to order custom jobs and sales are final.

The ol'Fedex Reach-Around

Has your order been swallowed by the great Cororo/USPS shipping triangle?...are they making your package socially distance its sweet time on it way to you?  Welp, there isn't much we can do, Canada Post/USPS move at whatever Federally Mandated speed they want and "in these unprecedented times" they have suspended tracking and shipping deadlines. Your decals should still arrive but may take their sweet time. 

If you need your emblems right away the only thing we can do is the ol'Fedex Reach-Around...we have found that Fedex is still able to ship most places in the US in 1-3 days for $45CAD...if you want your socially distanced order right away we can reprint and ship you a new kit with the ol-Fedex Reach-Around for $65CAD...you should get the new kit via Fedex in 1-3 days and then when the USPS finally gets around to it they will deliver the first kit you ordered in time for your next truck.

Regular price $50.00