We stand behind the quality of our decals but this ain't no book club, most sales are custom and final. We will sell you purple metallic pirate skins but we aren't going to send you a return label when the boys down at the wash give you some ribbing.

U.S. Marine Corps Emblem Skins

Style and protect your factory emblems with a set of Marine Corps Peterbilt Emblem Skins. Printed on 3M Scotchcal vinyl then solid laminated for a 7+ year road life.

    -Hood Emblem Kit includes 3 Peterbilt Emblem skins.
    -Exterior Emblem Kit includes 3 Peterbilt Emblem skins and 2 Unibilt Emblem skins.
    -Full Exterior/Interior Kit includes 3 Peterbilt Emblem Skins, 2 Unibilt Emblem Skins, 2 Door Sill Emblem Skins, 2 Door Emblem Skins, 2 Glove Box Emblem Skins and 4 Speaker Emblem Skins.


    Message or email us for free color customizing.

    Regular price $34.99 CAD